Energy Action delivers Full-Year NPAT of $4.5 million

by System | Aug 19, 2014
Energy Action delivers Full-Year NPAT of $4.5 million.

Energy Action FY2014 Results Summary:

    - Revenue up 17% to $25 million
    - FY2014 operating NPAT of $4.5 million
    - Projects & Advisory Services revenue up 13%
    - Second half dividend of 3.62 cents
    - 7.35 cents for the full year
    - Future contracted revenue at $74.5 million
    - Energy Action well placed to purse organic and acquisitive growth 

Energy management and procurement company Energy Action Limited (ASX:EAX) ("Energy Action") today reported the FY2014 results in line with December guidance, delivering operating Net Profit After Tax (NPAT) of $4.5 million, an 8% decrease on the prior year. Statutory NPAT was $3.5 million.

The second half of FY2014 saw a significant improvement over the first half, with procurement performance back to historical levels and energy contracts secured for customers 64% higher half on half. Operating Net Profit After Tax (NPAT) also increased 25% during the second half as projected.

Revenue for FY2014 was $25.8 million, up 17%  (FY2013: $22.2 million) and no debt, providing the company with the financial flexibility to pursue further growth opportunities.

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ASX Announcement - Energy Action delivers Full-Year NPAT of $4.5 million


1. Before acquisition costs of $0.4m related to the acquisition of Exergy and share based payments associated with Energy Action's PROP ($0.3m)