How to detect an anomaly before it becomes a problem

by Vivid User | Mar 09, 2017
The systems that control the temperature, comfort and air quality in buildings are complex, consisting of thousands of points of data interacting with hundreds of different control algorithms, operating a large numbers of components such as valves, dampers, fans, pumps, boilers and chillers. When any one of these inevitably goes wrong, three things can happen: not much at all (because it’s not immediately important); energy use goes up; or someone gets uncomfortable. So normally the building operator will only find out that something has gone wrong when their energy bill goes haywire or they get a complaint.

In these days of “big data” we can do better than this.

Advanced energy metering systems have been around for a while and can provide immense insights into building operation for anyone that has time to sift through the data.  Automatic Fault Diagnosis (AFD) is a new weapon in the building manager’s armoury that enables them to see faults and problems in air-conditioning controls (and other building systems) through automatic monitoring.  AFD works by monitoring the system continuously using computer algorithms that detect fault patterns, and report them.

The solution to when there’s just too much data.

Both advanced metering services and AFD are fantastic tools, but they are hampered by the fact that there is just too much data either in the form of energy plots or in terms of fault reports. While some automated prioritisation of issues is possible, it needs an expert eye to separate the import issues from the noise.

Energy Action’s engineering brains-trust got together and developed the Expert Monitoring and Diagnosis Service (EMDS) as a solution to this problem. EMDS combines our selection of the world’s best ‘big-data’ software systems – either AFD or advanced metering systems - with skilled consultants. The system and consultants make a great team by identifying problems, filtering the urgent and important problems from the noise and, most importantly, recommending practical and manageable solutions to implement. We make expert use of your “big data” to achieve and prioritise the insights and then turn these into actions. 

EMDS is best suited to buildings above 20,000m² if using AFD, and down to 10,000m² if using advanced metering.

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